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Great Powder Rooms
5 Members | 4 items

Description: The powder room doesn't have to be an afterthought. Your guests will be glad you spent some time helping us grow this collection.
Antique Furniture
7 Members | 52 items

Description: If you've got good sources on antique furniture, please join the discussion!
Mark of the Hand
5 Members | 71 items

Description: Hand-painted, hand-crafted or otherwise hand-made: Post something with the mark of the hand & help us grow our collection of artisanal items.
Chair Fantasia
5 Members | 64 items

Description: If you're a chair collector or enthusiast, this group is for you. We're looking for one-of-a-kind chairs, antique or contemporary, that redefine seating.
Innovative Lamp Shades
4 Members | 5 items

Description: Can lamp shades become the centerpiece of a room's decor? We believe the answer is a hardy 'yes.' Join us in posting great new directions in shades.
Star palace
5 Members | 2 items

Description: Celebrity domiciles...please no MTV cribs.